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Western Maine Board of Approved Soccer Officials

New Official Information

2020 Meeting Dates

Thank you for your interest in the Western Maine Board of Approved Soccer Officials.

You may become an active member of this board by completing the following:

Pay dues of $40.00
(Use the form at the bottom of the page to return with your check).

5410_115757_0.pngAttend the following new officials training.
        Saturday, August 8 from 8AM-2PM
        At the Gorham Municipal Center (see directions below)
        No cost for this training

Prior to coming August 8, please take the USSF grade 7 on line training course.
 Site information TBD
Follow these directions to take the course:
1. Click the first module, sign in to Guest book, fill out and click remember me, no course number is needed.
2. Go through all modules, answer the questions correctly, print LAW 17 certificate, and bring the certificate to class for completion.

If you have any questions please contact

Attend an on field training:
        Date and time TBA

Attend the mandatory meeting:
        Sunday, August 23 @ 6:00PM @ Gorham Middle School
                (Note: You do NOT need to attend the physical fitness test that precedes this meeting)

You must also attend at least one of the following meetings at Gorham Middle School (106 Weeks Rd., Gorham):

Sunday, June 14 - 6:00 PM @ Gorham Middle Schoo
Sunday, August 16 - 6:00 PM - Site TBD - Changed to September 13
Sunday, September 20 - 6:00 PM @ Gorham Middle School - Changed to September 27
Sunday, October 18 - 6:00 PM @ Gorham Middle School

You are also invited to our banquet after the season:
          November 12, location TBA

When your dues are paid I enter your information in to the assigning software
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please note: If you think you shouldn't officiate because you are unable to meet all the requirements, please talk to the person in charge of the trainings. We are willing to work with you to get you on board.

Directions to the Gorham Municipal Center:
The address is 75 South St., but that is NOT the best address to find the parking lot. If you are using a GPS, use 40 Ball Park Rd. as the address.

To find the Municipal Center parking lot, enter Gorham on Route 114 (South St.). From 114 take Morrill Ave. Coming from Scarborough, Morrill Ave. will be a left. Coming from Rt. 25, Morrill Ave. will be a right. Morrill Ave. is also the road to Gorham High School.

On Morrill Ave. turn right on Ball Park Rd. At the end of Ball Park Rd. you will be at the Municipal Center parking lot. Enter the Municipal Center under the Recreation sign.


*The primary shirt for officials on the Western Maine Board is the yellow NISOA Coolwick.
Item #5013NC (short sleeve) and #5014NC (long sleeve)

*The secondary jersey is the black NISOA Coolwick.
Item #5019NC (short sleeve) and #5020NC (long sleeve

*It is not necessary to buy four shirts the first year, but you must have at least one of the yellow NISOA coolwick jerseys.

Black shorts, black socks with three white stripes and black shoes.
Suggested item numbers:
   Shorts 1063 and 1063L
   Socks 1309

Classification System

All high school soccer boards in The State of Maine have three classes of officials.

Class 3: New member. No high school soccer officiating experience. Class 3 officials are not assigned varsity games.

Class 2: At the end of the season (October), class 3 officials may take a written test to become class 2. Test is provided by the board and is free. Class 2 officials must take the physical fitness test at the beginning of the season. Class 2 officials may only do varsity games in an emergency.

Class 1: At the end of the season, class 2 officials may take a written exam to be eligible to become a class 1 official. If the written exam is passed in the fall, the following summer/fall the official must take and pass the physical fitness exam and be assessed twice in either summer soccer or during the season. When the assessments are passed, the official becomes a probationary Class 1 official. High school varsity games are assigned to class 1 officials.

Last Modified: Aug 06, 2020
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